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Coming of Age, Turning the Page
July 7-10, 2005
Mills College
Oakland, CA
Join us as we celebrate CLOUT’s 15th anniversary!
Coming of Age, Turning the Page
Activites start Thursday, July 7 with dinner at 5pm and conclude Sunday, July 10 with lunch at noon.

CLOUT is a Lesbian-Affirming Ecumenical Christian Movement open to women-identified-women who are “out” to some degree, and who also claim to be Christian (of any tradition; affiliated or non-affiliated with Christian churches/institutions). Our witness since the 1990’s has been to CELEBRATE the Miracle of being Christian, Lesbian, and OUT simultaneously, in ways that aim to be anti-racist, anti-classist, and milagro-bound.

Questions? Email our CLOUT Coordinator, Rev. Jan Griesinger: [email protected]

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