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CLOUT Community and Commitments

Our Mission and Philosophy

  1. To call upon Lesbian Christians to come out of the closet, whenever and wherever possible, and to help empower one another in taking this courageous step.
  2. To tell our stories and share our spiritual journeys so that we may create and embody Lesbian Christian understandings and contexts for justice-based theologies, ethics, liturgies, rituals, psychologies, recovery programs, and other spiritual resources. In so doing, we partner with justice-minded sisters world-wide to further the healing and liberation of all creatures and the earth.
  3. To explore new understanding of erotic power and sexuality, of mutuality, commitment, faithfulness and partnership so that we do not merely replicate or imitate sexist, heterosexist or capitalist relationships of alienation and possession.
  4. To network with Jewish lesbians, postchristian lesbians and other spiritual and secular groups of lesbians; with pro-feminist/womanist gaymen; and with pro-feminist/womanist lesbian-affirming organizations, especially those of other marginalized women and men, both within and beyond the churches.